How to get traffic to your website fast

Definition: Traffic (web traffic) is a technical term used by webmasters to actually refer to web users who visit a website.


Website traffic determines your site popularity and visibility. Indisputably, it doesn’t make sense not to have visitors to your site.

With all the quality products or services you offer and all the awesome articles you have published on your blog or website,   you are one-step ahead in achieving success. But lacking large audience could make you not to earn money or not to expose your product and published articles to reach your targeted end users.

The importance of web traffic
People tend to get millions of web traffic for free or may also invest in paid advertising to get majority of traffic to their site because of the importance of having tremendous visitors to their offline/online business. 

In concise detail, I out-listed below the core importance of website traffic.
  1.            Web traffic determines your website popularity and visibility.
  2.            Having a handful web traffic increases sales.
  3.            It creates more opportunity for digital marketers to make money online.

Now, let’s get back to business.

Ways to generate website traffic:

1: Sexy Content:  content is the stuff around which application is developed. Content could be in form of text, graphics, videos, narration, animation etc.

Bringing in huge amounts of traffic to your website is ultimately meaningless, if users leave after mere seconds. Reason, is because they were unable to find something engaging from your site. Instead of your website to give out something that will make your visitors want more of you and comes back again to spend more quality time in your site, rather it chases them away.  And as time goes on, this will eventually reduce your web traffic.   

I’m sure; you don’t want that for yourself.

Sexy content effectively attract audience and appeals influencers to share. So let’s look into content writing and how you can use it to generate traffic.

The best web traffic is organic traffic. Search engine likes longer content (at least more than 2000 words).  

Most or some of your site visitors may come through search results.  To rank high in search engine you need to write longer and informative contents. 

Personally, I recommend writing a meaningful longer content with inforgraphics; because it does not only rank for keywords that you’ve targeted but also keywords that you have no clue about.

In my next article I’ll publish “how to write longer and informative contents”.

With all that has been discussed, what if you are running an e-commerce website that doesn’t need longer content.

In an e-commerce websites, images happen to form 90% of all visual elements. To attract more visitors and increases sales, you need to spice up all visual elements.

Spicing up all visual elements convinces your customers to stay long on your site and visualize itself much better than its competitors.   

2.  SEO: This is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. Don’t ever think of steady web traffic without considering improving your SEO, because SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

Some of the ways you can adopt to improve your SEO are:

-      Mobile Friendly Test: Check if your page is mobile optimized. Google now has a free tool for doing that and gives you specific recommendations to make your site better.

Just check for The Mobile-Friendly Test from Google to know if your mobile page is friendly.

-    Click-Through-Rate:  Improving your site CTR helps you get more traffic from Google. Let’s say, you have 10% CTR and next time you doubled it to 10-15%. 

    Guess what? CTR is now and important ranking signal in Google Algorithm and you just doubled your organic traffic.

Tips:   To improve your CTR;

  1.           Test different titles and see which one get the best CTR.
  2.           Use title that is highly influential.
  3.           Add number to your title.
  4.           Use a well descriptive Meta Description that defines your contents.
  5.           Make sure you keyword is included in your URL.

-       Load Speed:  The time taken for your web pages to load is very important in SEO. Compress your images as much as possible without losing considerable amount of quality, to reduce loading time of your site.

     Also check for script that may have adverse effect on the loading speed of your site.
     You can use Google Web Master Tool to help identify script/images affecting your         site speed.

-       Keyword research:  This portrays targeted keywords related to our seed word and phrases and also displays search volume of all those. I normally used LSI Keyword technique. Let’s say I wrote a post about Cameras

 The LSI keyword would be words and phrases like Camcorders, Spots Cameras,     DSLR and so on.

And when Google see these LSI keywords in my contents, they will definitively understand that my content is about Cameras. 

To do the same, you can use this free LSI Keyword tool called LSI Graph  to search for keywords. 

LSI keyword

And once you are done searching, just include some of the LSI Keywords into your post.

-   Bounce Rate:  Finally, for the purpose of SEO, reduce your bounce rate. High bounce rate can hurt your SEO.

3.  Social Media Traffic:  Social media sites like facebook, pinterest, twitter, google        plus and so on, can be a major pillar in bringing visitors to your site. 

social media

The larger presence you build on social media sites, the more you can rely on steady social media traffic to your site.

Top e-commerce website get 40 -60% of their visitors through social media engagements. Though it’s quite expensive getting people to your website through social media engagement. Especially, when you’re running on paid advertising.

If you don’t have money for this budget, you can still hack social media benefit, by inviting few of your friends, families and colleagues on social media who can help you share your content on their timelines.

And make sure you include social media plugins and button to your site, so that readers can make use of them to share your content to other people in their circles. 

Tip:   Inspire your audience with spicy visual elements.

4.  Backlinks:  backlinks is the link you can create by replying to blog or forum post. 
   for example: the snapeshot below describes what i mean by backlinks.

Though SEO and social media sites are great ways one can use to get web traffic but it takes time to kick in.

Instead of waiting for SEO and social media, dropping your site link to other website helps in driving traffic to your own website and in other case, it can cause search engine to penalize your website if not properly used. 

Though this technique is now considered to be a spamming technique. Since it also reduces and affect the search rank of the website where you dropped your site link to.

Most of the blogs or forums that has large users base, now strip tag every links, or may use robot spam detector or implement nofollow tag technique to their website inorder to avoid spam. Some manually delete every links that comes with your post.

Certain blogs or forums have strict policy for spam. To do this in a safer way and not come off immediately as a spammer, follow the Tips below
1.   Your first few posts or replies, should have good quality content, and do not drop your link onto it.
2.    If your posts or replies are under moderation, wait till it gets accepted. If accepted, then in your next post or the same post, you can try dropping your link.
3.    Mind you, there are possibilities that you might get banned immediately due to some blogs or forums rules. So don’t lose hope.

5.  Guest Post: Look for popular site in the same niche with you that have steady traffic and accept sponsored contents, also known as “Guest post”.

Some might required you to pay before submitting your guest post, while others may not require the same.

Believe it or not, this works great. Most people can completely skip the author’s bio section if they read your guest post.

The steps below can help you:
Step 1:     Write a wonderful and influential guest post.
Step 2:     Include helpful resources throughout your guest post.  
Step 3:     Also include your content as one of the helpful resources.

Tip:    You guest post should not be inauthentic.

6. YouTube Channel:  From Alexa top 50 global site, YouTube is ranked as the 2nd most popular website in the world after Google. 

alexa-top 10

With those stats, you can get immediate boost to your website traffic by creating an active YouTube channel.

As a beginner, it is very hard to get views on your YouTube videos, Here I’ll refer you  to “ZIOVO  on YouTube. 

You can watch one his video here

7. Influencers market:  Don’t get it twisted; sure there is a market out there where you can find influencers to share your content on social media.

For example: Quuu Promote and FameBit are wonderful ways to connect and get people to promote your contents on social media. 

What you need to do is to submit your content, ask influencers to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Plus Google and so on.

You can as well use blogger outreach to get influential bloggers that shares your topic, just try and communicate with them via email or you can get influential persons on Facebok, Instagram, etc, to promote and support your content.

8.  Competitors Audience:  Steal your competitor’s audience if they have audience higher than you. 

Well, I can’t tell if it is a sin or not.  It is done everywhere, even on seminars (conference). Great speakers use that technique too. Sure, you can use it if you can see the exact post and keywords that send traffic to your competitors.

You can see all their top post and keywords for free with SEMRush. Once you have seen the post and keywords they are ranking for, write sexy content on that keyword.

NB: Don’t copy directly from your competitors, but analyze and summarize in your own words better and in-depth posts around keywords your competitors are already ranking for. This can shape your own strategy.

9.  Content Hiding:   In one of my published articles, I discussed how to use content hiding to "How to make money with your blog or website". Now, similar technique can be applied here in another dimension to help you double your traffic.

To do this, create an awesome content with sharp inforgraphics, hide some part of the content, ask the visitor to redeem it, by first sharing the content on any of his or her social media platform.

If the visitor finds the content interesting and want more of it, Sure he or she will not hesitate to share it.

10. Social Inbox: Managing your social inbox efficiently and effectively by continouse engagement with your audience on social channels, helps build authority in your brand.

social inbox

 What this actually implies is that, you should be active on social media and reply back to your audience (followers, visitors, customers and so on) their questions and concerns.  In return, this can boost and keep steady web traffic to your site if social media is among the strategies you adopted in driving traffic to your website or blog.

11. Over to You: I hope this post was helpful?  If you have noticed, it covers not only how you can drive web traffic to your site, but also it gives a bit tricks and tips about SEO improvement.

Now, it is your turn to tell us which technique from this post, you’re targeting to implement.

If you have any concern or question, freely make use of the comment system below to drop your comment.



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