How to make money online with your blog or website

There are so many ways you can turn your blog or website into a money making machine.


The use of website/blog has allowed companies or small business to develop new and cheaper ways of reaching new market, offering goods and services whenever they want and offers at reduced cost.

Website/blog has affected every aspect of business, transforming not only the way that business is conducted but also creating new business sectors and jobs.

Before going further, on how to make money online with your bog or website, I presumed, your blog or website already have a handful traffic (at least 500-1000 visitors per day). If not, read on How to get traffic to your website fast"

Now that you have worked so hard in building a steady traffic to your site, yet you are unable to make a substantial amount of money. Probably you are in debt and don’t know what else to do. Don’t worry; you are not alone on this.

Knowledge gain is knowledge shared and knowledge shared is knowledge well utilized and applied. It’s hard to make money in a competitive market. But learning from expects put you on a frontline. 

Hope you get that!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Ways you can make money online with your blog or website
      1.  Affiliate marketing  
Affiliate marketing is actually an online program made for online marketers. This program involves where an online marketer drives traffic from his website to someone else (company’s) site to purchase goods or services.

People make their living selling something to someone. The internet is a vey attractive market for retailers. The rate of growth of the internet is predicted to triple 350 million computers by 2020.

Turn your website or blog into a money making machine by sending your site traffic to someone else (company’s) site to buy products or services. Everyone works on commission. 

For every sale initiated by a link from your site, you earn a commission.  Some of the top affiliate marketing programs to join are:

AMAZON ASSOCIATE: is the most visible sector of the e-commerce market in the world. Commanding a very high stock marketing rate even before becoming profitable.  

Every year Amazon pays billions of dollars of revenues to affiliates, who bring in sales of e-commerce for them. Starting with 4%, it commission increases upto 8.50% as the number of sales you make grows.

CLICKBANK:  Clickbank is another most popular affiliate marketing program that deals with digital product such as eBooks. 

Great thing about this site is that it commission is far better than other affiliate marketing platform. ClickBank offers you from 10 – 75% commission rate and it always pay on time. 

Once you sign up for the account you will have access to millions of eBooks that other members are selling.

AVANGATE: Avangate is a well-known affiliate for techies and people who love technology or things related to technology. It offers only digital product such as software (Hp software, Kaspersky lab, Bitdefender, etc).

It is a large firm with more than 5000 digital business from all over the world.  Great thing about this program is that it provides a platform for both sellers and affiliate marketer a common goal of making profit.  And also with high commission rate that are paid in a timely manner.

Other affiliate programs that you can find products to promote are
§       EBAY.

      2.  Google Adsense
Google adsense is an adverting placement service run by Google for website or blog publishers, who want to place targeted Ads such as text, image and videos on their website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

It is the most popular program for bloggers and web publishers to earn money online.  Though, Google has very strict rules in this service, before your request gets approved. But it is very easy to implement on your site.

Trust me, if you have enough traffic, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Other alternatives to Google Adsense are
§      Chikita
§      Bidvertisers
§      Adlinks e.g Infolinks

P.S. Before applying, make sure you keep up to their latest terms and services.

NB:     As a newbie, Google adsense may be the first thing in your mind in making money online. You may be right, but considering Google adsense policy it may not be reliable if you are banned from using Ads or your request not been approved. 
Again people are been fed that Ads are irritating. Most of them even have adblocker extension enabled so as to avoid unwanted ads.

Advice:  Consider other alternatives below.

3. Ad Space
Ad space is simply the area of a web page dedicated for online advertisements.

Here, you sell your own ad space directly to companies looking to sponsor or advertise their products online.  You get paid depending on the price tag for each space.

For instance, you might decides to sell a specific space at your blog (web) sidebar menu for Ads at a cost of $xx dollars per month (or weak).

Another technique, you can follow to sell Ad Space is to run a CPM (Cost Per Impression) method. What this actually means is “a dollar amount per one thousand impressions.” 

This method is very useful and lucrative if you have handful traffic.  You can charge $5 per one thousand impressions. And luckily if you able to get aleast  100,000 monthly visitors, then calculate how much you are making in a month.

      3.  Premium Content/Theme
Actually, I may not know what your website is for. Before using this method to make money online. 

I presumed, you must have defined the purpose of your website. Are you creating your website for educational purpose, health awareness, business solution, resource for creating website/blog and many more?

Many people are personally okay, in paying for premium content or template online. Giving away Premium Content/Theme for visitor to get, you can as well ask them to pay $$$ for some of it.  

For Example:  If your site is a resource for creating website/blog, you can also make money by selling premium themes (templates) for bloggers and web publishers.
 You are a good writer with interesting published articles. You can hide or protect pieces of contents until a visitor buys or pay a token of money to redeem it. 

      4.   Sell your own product
This method seems fairly straightforward. Because you can simply sell your own products such as eBooks and online courses directly through your website and get paid immediately. 

But it is not as easy as it seems to be, you really need to put an earnest energy to make the most money on per sale basis when you sell your own product.

NB: Creating good products that are well made and polished require a ton of time and additional resources (like design, content, etc.). So there’s a lot of ‘hidden costs’ in both time spent and contractors to collaborate with.
Selling your own products on your site also bring up problematic issues like payment gateways (how are you going to collect payment?), shipping (how are you going to mail or distribute the products?) and taxes.
And if that doesn’t sound like enough work already, you’ll also need a well designed, persuasive landing page to make sure your product has a strong conversion rate.

 I’m not trying to discourage you on this procedure. I am just trying to make you face the reality. And if you’re comfortable with it, fine… sure you’ll make it big. 

      5.   Sponsored Post:
Accept sponsored post in your website from companies that goes out their way to look for site that will feature their sponsored content.

You can charge them using the metrics that your fellow competitors applied. And again you really have to be careful for this method may affect your site reputation if done poorly with irrelevant and inauthentic page contents.

I would advise you review the contents and take your time to research if there could be inauthentic contents.

NB: Don’t forget to add nofollow tags for every sponsored content links.

     6. Setup a forum
I guess you doubt how you are going to make money by setting up a forum. 

Forums are not dead just like people thought.   It could be an additional way that you can use to make money. 

There are forums that charges money for membership, or for upgrading members to another level where they could continue with a specific conversation or before posting to a particular section (thread).
 Example:  Warrior Forum, etc.

Unfortunately, setting up a forum requires tons of time, skills, popularity and member’s engagement. But you can give it a try today.

      7.  Freelance
From Oxford English Dictionary, the word “freelance” simply means self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignment.

You can make money with your blog or website as freelance. Showcasing samples (evidence) of past work that you have done will help greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

For Instance, if you a good writer, there are chances for you to easily make $20 – $30 per 500 word-articles, writing for other companies or individuals.

Just add “Hire me” page on your site or you may chose to offer your services via email, forums, YouTube, etc.  

      8.   Sell your website
This is not a good option, but to some out there it’s a way to make a quick buck. It could be difficult to get a buyer but there is always a market out there depending on how popular your website is. 

For example, if you website is making $500 – 1000 per month through selling of ad space. You may decide to sell it at the rate of $1000 – 10000.

Some of the most popular website markets to flip your site are
      We Buy Websites

 Besides all that have been discussed above, there are various methods to monetize website or blog that may not be included here.  

You can as well help us with some other methods, so that we can serve others better.

We would love to hear from you soon, make use of the comment system below to drop your comment.


  1. This is just so good info. I also have to make use of the marketing methods so that potential traffic can be attracted to my new blog. SEO will take huge efforts as well as time so I will be going with the PPC Advertising and SMM. I am sure that will get good results with this.

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