Submit blogger sitemap to google

Submitting XML sitemap to Google is not only available for websites, Bloggers can also utilize it to get their blog pages and URLs index by search engines.

Before going further, we need to understand what a sitemap is, and why its so important.

What is a Sitemap?
 A sitemap is actually a map of your website.  It’s either an XML or HTML file that contains all the URLs of the pages inside your blog/website.
 HTML sitemap helps your visitors to navigate through your blog/website, while an XML sitemap helps the search engine crawlers do the same way.
Search engines such as Google and Bings uses XML sitemap to detect pages/URLs on website that the search bots may have missed during regular crawling.
When you submit your blog XML sitemap to Google Webmasters, it helps search engine crawlers to find all the URLs on your blog and add it to their database.
Submitting your blog XML to Google Webmaster helps you to display your blog in Google search results, index or crawl your blog and also improve the crawling rate of your blog.

Why do I need to submit my blog sitemap to Google instead of the default XML sitemap file of any Blogger blog?

The default XML sitemap files of your blog only have 26 most recent blog posts. In this case, you may have posted more than 26 posts which the older blog pages that are missing in the default XML sitemap file, may never get indexed. 

A complete sitemap file should have all the pages of a site. But in the case of blog hosted on Blogger its not done the same. That doesn’t mean you have to let it be in that way. You can still have both your newest and older blog post on XML sitemap file ready for search engine to index/craw.

NB:     Your blog may not display in the search result if your robots.txt file, is messed-up. Each blog has a default robots.txt file which looks like this:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

To confirm yours,  enter  in a web browser.

What did you see at your end? 
You don’t need to panic.  After learning how to submit blogger sitemap to Google Search Console with me.  I’ll guide you on how to fix this.

How to submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster)

There are two different parts you can adopt to submit your blog sitemap to Google.
One of the first parts is for submitting sitemap for blog posts while the second part is for submitting sitemap for static pages such as About us, Contact Us, Terms of Use, etc.

Part 1:   Submitting sitemap for blog posts

This is the sitemap code for your blogger blog that you need to add. Copy it for you’ll use it later.

Follow the steps below to submit your blog sitemap for blog post such as articles to Google Search Console.

-         Sign in to your Google Webmasters Account.
-         Click “Add properties” to enter your domain or select the desired blog you wish to submit the sitemap for (Immediately after doing this you’ll be taken to the       Google console dashboard).
-           At the left side of the page, click on Crawl --> Sitemaps.
sitemap  image1

-          Now, at the top-right corner of the page, click on Add/Test Sitemap button.
add sitemap image

-          Add the sitemap code I told you to copy in the provided text field.
-          Press “Submit Sitemap” button.
-         Refresh the page after you have pressed the submit Sitemap button.

NB: The above sitemap will work for 500 posts only. If you have more than 500 posts published on your blog, then you will have to add one more sitemap
Example:  atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=1000
It will work for posts after 500.
The Whole procedure will be same, but at this time you have to add the first code.

That's it. You are done with submitting the sitemap for blog posts.  Let's move on to the second part of submitting sitemap for BlogSpot static pages.

Part 2: Submitting sitemap for static pages
If you are the type that publishes useful content to your “Pages” rather than you’re “Posts”, submitting sitemap for those your static pages should be another thing you should consider to adopt in your blog for better indexing and crawling.

The sitemap does not contain any links to your static pages (Contact Us, About Us, Policy, etc) and you may want to submit sitemap for blogger static pages for Google bot to craw and get those pages indexed. 

The procedure to do this is different from the method we used for blog posts.

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