How to drive traffic to your blog with Every Knows

Every Knows is a Q&A Platform where users exchange ideas, ask questions and receive amazing answers.

 Its platform is becoming a more and more popular way of increasing web traffic and the page ranking of company websites and individual blogs alike.
As a platform where her members share the same interest and passion and are willing to spread or share information about topics that interest them and helping each other solve niche-related problems makes it a fruitful opportunity where you can provide help for one or more users while referring to your own website or blog. 

Screenshot of a user rendering help while referring to his own website.

Every Knows  Platform benefit your sales not only by establishing you as a helpful and knowledgeable vendor or service provider, but also by drawing attention towards your products and services and increasing the page ranking of your website by providing high-quality, organic backlinks and also convincing other people in your niche that you are a reliable and reputable expert in your area of activity, helping a lot with your branding efforts as well.

REMEMBER:  Increased traffic, translate into increased sales.  
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Benefit
Your  answer or post with the objective of providing help with a problem frequently encountered by a user,  direct targeted web traffic towards your own website or blog and improving your site on search engine results pages.

Things to Note so that you don’t risk your post/answer been deleted or your entire account banned.
If you want your articles and posts to be efficient, you have to respect the guidelines of the platform you are posting on. Below are some of things you have to observe before posting on Every Knows Q&A Platform.

1.     Your Title should be a short version of your question body.

2.     Avoid verbosity and fluty answers or content – posts that simply thank for the contribution of the previous entry which will never yield the desired results.

3      Your answers or content-posts need to address or solve a specific
       problem encountered by those interested in your niche.

4.     Post on the right category. For instance, if you are a company that provides IT support, it would be useless to publish entries on platform reserved for heath care topics.

   Unfortunately, Every Knows  is very difficult to be used for News Websites/Blogs inorder to gain backlinks since it is a platform meant for Questions and Answers.

But I have tricks for you on how you can maneuver and never get hurt. 
These tricks also work for Travel, Health awareness blogs/websites and others.

Every Knows implemented an algorithm that checks if your title is phrased like a question or not. This algorithm is very sensitive in identifying if your title has questions pronouns.  For Example, It checks for word like Who, How, Which, Reason(s), Where, Going, Whose, Can, Could, etc.

As News Blog or Website Instead of posting in this format “President-elect Donald Trump goes to DC”, I  will rather post in this format “President elect: How Donald Trump goes to DC”.  
“20 things Donald Trump has promised to do in office” will now be “What are the 20 things Donald Trump has promised to do in office”.

For health awareness website, if I should searched on Every Knows Search box on the topic like “foods that is killing you today”  and I didn’t get the desired results that will enable me provide an answer for it. Its either I use two different accounts; One for asking question in this format “What are the 5 foods that is killing you today” and the older account to provide the answer.  Or I’ll go straight and post both the question and answer at the same time by twisting the title in form of question phrase while the question body remains the same with my website article.

Back to the business of today, on how to use Every Knows Platform to drive Web Traffic to your websites/blogs or Increases your page rank in search result.

How to create post on Every Knows Q&A Platform
Questioning, answering or posting in Every Knows Is very easy. Is either you decides to create your posts yourself or ask for professional help from an experience company to provide you with posting services, thus saving valuable time.

To do this by yourself

1.     Login or Signup with Every Knows Platform
NB: After signing up a link will be sent to your email to activate your account or you can quickly signup with your facebook/gooogle account.

2.     Go to your account settings, check if your posts are locked, and if it is locked unlock it so that other users can see your own contribution and the landing page you are promoting.

3.     Click on account settings. At right hand side, update your profile occupation and interest inorder to convince other users that you have authority or reputation on the niche you are contributing on.

4.     Click on “ask new question” to post a new topic or “answer question“to submit your own article on specific threads selected.

5.     Immediately after doing that you will see were your content/article reflected or was published without been reviewed or delayed.

6.     You are done.
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